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Challenges and Ways to Overcome them during the Change Management

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As a business consultancy, one may have to work for different industry types, people, products etc. However the ultimate goal of all businesses is always common – “Maximization of the revenue and profitability of the business by bringing efficiency into the systems”.

Change management is a passage for individuals, teams, and organizations to reach to a desired future state.

However challenges with the companies are that they are too much stuck with their existing systems that they are not ready to move to the new systems easily. It becomes worse when the Top Management themselves are involved in micro management and are not ready to accept the change. This gives the leverage to Employees and they become extra reluctant to the changes.

For most organizations, preparedness begins at the top and this means that leadership – across all levels – must have absolute clarity in purpose and focus; there must also be connection with a vision and/or opportunity. Identification of System Champion is also very crucial part. The System Champion needs to explain the significance of the change in systematic manner and shall be assigned the responsibility of discussing it with the team members. System Champion shall also audit the development on regular intervals and ensure that the changes in systems are sustained.

change management


One shall also discuss the expected outcome of the action points and the consequences if not adapted properly. Most of the implementation does not get full effectiveness due to the internal politics of the organization. So one has to extra vigilant to ensure that things are not getting out of hand.

I have often observed that Stakeholders tend to think what’s in it for me. It is one of the most crucial hurdles which is caused due to rigid systems and mentality of the management. Now in such scenarios the expectation of the stakeholders shall be managed by explaining the rewards attached to the change. It could include the periodic incentives, appraisals on their current roles and salaries based on their performances.

Lastly, if you decide to bring some changes in the existing system of your organization, it is important to assess the overall objective and expectations of the outcome of the change. Only then you should prepare yourself to act upon the requirements for change to avoid business disruption.

Pranav Singhal
Business Consultant


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