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Maximizing & Sustaining Revenue

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How Can Optimization Of Sales Function Assist You In Maximizing Revenue & Sustain It Over A Period Of Time

Picture1Star sales personnel does not guarantee maximum sales. What it definitely guarantees, is high dependency of the organization on one or two sales people to get the desired revenues. High sales should not be a flash in the pan but needs to be regular and Sustainable.
Sustainability of high revenues is dependent on lot of factors including the quality of the sales staff. While organizations spend a lot of time and effort on optimizing the cost and reducing it on a continuous basis, surprisingly not enough effort is put to maximize revenues.
High and sustainable revenues can only be achieved by studying, optimizing and ensuring that all the steps to complete a sale are in place and operational. This would include direction, people, channels, processes, metrics and measures and the incentive structure.

Absolute Revenue Management
Targeting, planning, achieving and sustaining high revenues consistently.

ARM Components
ARM can be achieved by working on the complete planning to execution value chain of sales. The same includes for :
1. Sales and channel management
2. Branding and communication management
3. Sales process management
4. Sales skills and HR management


Look at the following & ensure that your Revenue Management is Sustainable:
1. What is the sales strategy?
2. Does the sales structure support the strategy?
3. Have you looked at all the possible sales channels?
4. Are all the sales channels optimally utilized?
5. Do you have a high performance sales team ?
6. Is your brand and communication assisting the sales team?
7. Are the targets aligned to the sales strategy?
8. How is the compensation management?
9. Are the sales process aligned to the structure & strategy?
10. Is there a possibility to use technology to enhance the sales?


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